Monday, March 12, 2012

A Commitment To Water Conservation and Sustainability

An extensive product offering for over 30 years that incorporates low-flow outlets, adjustable metering cartridges, and most recently our line of HyTronic™ sensor-operated faucets, is evidence of Chicago Faucets’ commitment to water conservation. All of these products help you to conserve water by limiting the flow rate and controlling operation time. In addition, Chicago Faucets is committed to conservation and sustainability in our manufacturing processes, with an objective to operate clean, safe and energy-efficient production with optimized logistics in terms of energy consumption, emissions and packaging.

Our HyTronic line of faucets is designed for easy installation and to conserve water on two fronts. First, it reduces consumption (but not performance) through the utilization of a .5 GPM pressure compensating outlet device. Second, HyTronic is designed to provide precise electronic metering that allows you to easily adjust cycle time to reduce water usage. Simple installation, combined with these water saving features, makes it easy to be green… and sophisticated.

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