Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flexcon PH Series - Potable Water Expansion Tanks

Flexcon PH Series potable water expansion tanks are designed to maintain safe pressures in a domestic water heating system that utilizes a backflow preventer or check valve. PH tanks feature a butyl rubber diaphragm and plastic liner to separate the system water from the tanks air pre-charge. The system connection has a stainless steel nipple to prevent corrosion. An appliance quality paint finish helps to prevent external corrosion. Every PH tank is comprehensively tested and backed by Flexcons 5 year limited warranty. Two sizes handle most water heater installations.

The PH Solution: A PH Series thermal expansion tank installed on the cold water inlet provides a reservoir for the expanded water. Water safely enters the tank and is released back into the system on demand. No more dripping relief valves, and more importantly, a safer system!

  • Welded System Connection
  • Butyl Diaphragm
  • Polypropylene Liner
  • Appliance Quality Paint
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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