Monday, June 18, 2012

Taco's New 0015 3-Speed Family of Circulators

Taco is pleased to introduce its new "0015" family of circulators. The 0015 is an all-new family platform using single speed , 3-speed and variable speed motor options for a wide range of Hydronic, Radiant and Solar Thermal applications.

Stainless Steel casing option is now available for use on Domestic Hot Water recirculation (DHWR) and other open fresh water applications. The Stainless Steel 0015 3-Speed version is a direct replacement for the Grundfos UPS 15-35SF and UPS15-55SF.

Both casing materials come in standard in-line or rotated flange options and include an Integral Flow Check (IFC) as standard.

With the addition of Taco's Variable Speed control options, the 0015 can also be adapted to many other applications including 0015-VDT for maintaining a constant system Delta T, 0015-VR (Outdoor Reset) or 0015-VS (SetPoint) for Radiant injection mixing and 0015-VT for Solar Thermal systems.

The new 0015 circulators are available now! Look for the new box to identify the updated Taco circulators at a wholesaler near you!

New 0015 model numbers are:

  • 0015-MSF2-IFC cast iron, standard in-line flange
  • 0015-MSF2-1IFC cast iron, rotated flange
  • 0015-MSSF2-IFC stainless steel, standard in-line flange
  • 0015-MSSF2-1IFC stainless steel, rotated flange

Get the new brochure here.