Thursday, July 19, 2012

Helpful Hints On Our Website

The new and improved is loaded with information. From literature pieces to get you acquainted with our products to installation guides on how to put them in, we have an expansive resource at your disposal. But what is the easiest way to navigate through our website? Try our Quick Links Toolbar at the top of every page. With the Quick Links Toolbar you get direct, one click access to the most requested content on our website.

When you log on to you will find a bar across the top of every page on our site title "Click Here For Our Quick Links Toolbar".

When you click on the text it expands to display the available quick links. You can select from the drop down menus and jump right to the manufacturer's page you are looking for. You can get specs sheets, submittals or literature catalogs by manufacturer with just one click. You can also go right to our training & education section or let us know if you're a contractor, wholesaler, engineer, designer or architect and we'll get you to the appropriate section of our website that best serves you!

The Quick Links Toolbar is the fastest way to get exactly what you are looking for. No searching around. The next time you're on be sure to try the Quick links Toolbar and make your search easier.