Monday, October 15, 2012

A Smarter Way To Conserve Water

Available in Stainless and Bronze

Introducing the Taco SmartPlus
Water conservation has a brainy new look. When set to “Smart” mode, the SmartPlus records the family’s hot water usage over seven days, then performs the pattern for the next week. This “save and perform” process occurs constantly, so hot water is ready to be used when it’s
wanted – and not a moment sooner.

Have it your way
You can also set the SmartPlus to “Pulse” mode. The pump will operate for 150 seconds every ten minutes to maintain hot water at all fixtures.

Vacation mode
If no hot water is used for 36 hours, the SmartPlus will shut itself off until it detects usage. It will even automatically exercise once a week to prevent corrosion and scale buildup.

Homeowners see the savings
With this kind of efficiency, homeowners can save up to 12,000 gallons of water per year; water that would normally go down the drain while they wait for hot water!

Always a better choice
The SmartPlus is designed for systems with dedicated hot water return lines. It combines the reliability of our famous “00” circulators with cutting edge Taco electronics for a comfort solution that turns a good job into a great job. Visit us online today at and see how much more we can do for you.

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