Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Air Quality in Your Home Affects Your Health

Today’s energy efficient homes trap stale air indoors, causing poor air quality and potential health problems for you and your family. What can you do? Rejuvenate your home with fresh, clean outdoor air…

You can significantly improve indoor air quality for you and your family with a Lifebreath® HRV; a Heat Recovery Ventilator that delivers clean, fresh outdoor air to every room in your home. The unique dual-stream airflow design keeps outgoing stale air separate from incoming fresh air and completely rejuvenates the air throughout your entire home up to eight times a day. Lifebreath’s balanced ventilation technology replaces indoor stale air with an identical amount of fresh air. This balanced ventilation is critical to prevent moisture build-up in your home during the heating season which can lead to expensive rot damage and hazardous mold.

Because of the unique ability of an HRV to transfer the temperature of indoor stale air to the incoming fresh air, you’ll realize lower heating and cooling costs year round while enjoying all the benefits superior indoor air quality delivers. In fact, the efficiency of the Lifebreath® HRV is so great that virtually none of the warmth collected from your home in winter is lost to the outside. In summer, the HRV works in reverse by removing heat from the incoming air and transferring it to the outgoing air, keeping your home cool and fresh.

Lifebreath® HRV Features
  • Easy To Install: Professional contractors can easily integrate a Lifebreath® HRV into a new home or retrofit the HRV into an existing system. 
  • Easy To Maintain: Twice yearly, remove the core and filters from the unit and rinse clean. Vacuum any dust from the unit and check weather hoods for leaves and other debris. 
  • ECM Motor: Optional upgrade for maximum energy savings.
  • Easy To Use: The ultra-sleek, Lifestyle Digital control panel features 4 operating modes and 5 fan speeds to meet changing household needs. The built-in dehumidistat automatically reduces indoor humidity levels in the winter by activating the fan. The ultra sleek, easy to read backlit LCD display is simple to use with an instruction card conveniently included at the back of the control. A built-in service/maintenance reminder display takes the guesswork out of remembering when to clean your unit. 

Learn more about Lifebreath on our website: http://www.emersonswan.com/manufacturers-products/lifebreath.html