Monday, June 9, 2014

Tempera Valves by Precision Plumbing Products

The Tempera Valves, by Precision Plumbing Products (PPP), is a highly sensitive pressure balancing valve that holds a selected water temperature to within one degree. It responds instantly to all line pressure loss on either the hot or cold side.

Tempera Valves may be installed in any position or at any angle. They must be installed ahead of the control valve(s). The flow pattern is indicated by arrows imprinted in the valve body.

  • Automatic pressure compensating, preventing thermal shock
  • Can be used with single or tow handle mixing valve assemblies
  • Holds a selected water temperature to within +- 3ยบ F degree regardless of pressure change 
  • Fully ported valve with minimal pressure drop 
  • Safe and positive because it is a pressure balancing valve, not a thermostatic mixing valve 
  • Meets A.S.S.E. STANDARD 1066 individual in-line pressure balancing valves

Tempera Valves should be provided with some type of access for servicing if necessary. Avoid high temperaturesin direct contact with the valve body.

The internal parts of theTempera Valve are stainless steel with only one moving part. The pressure differential sensing piston is constantly responding to any system pressure changes.

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