Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Everlast Electric Outlasts Its Competition


The Everlast electric water heater from HTP combines high quality stainless steel construction and energy efficient operation, providing long draws of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy. A cleverly designed water connection directs cold water to the heating element near the bottom of the tank to minimize the mixing of cold and hot water. Durable components, low standby heat losses, high recovery rates, and the industry’s strongest warranty make the Everlast Electric Water Heater an ideal choice for your electric water heating needs.

  • No Anode Rod Required: All coated tanks require anodes to delay the inevitable corrosion and tank failure. the average residential water heater lasts about 13 years. The Everlast residential stainless steel tank will outlast any coated steel tank in the market!
  • Thermostat & High Limit Controls: Adjustable temperature range up to 160ยบ F
  • Hot Water Connections: Outlet connection on the top of the tank (with built in Heat Traps).
  • Minimal Heat-Loss: Heavy duty insulation.
  • Stainless Steel Incoloy Elements: Stainless steel screw plug increases corrosion resistance for longer element life versus conventional elements.
  • The Finest Protection: Laser welded through a concentrated heat source producing high quality, long lasting, 316L stainless steel tank construction (lightweight) - Superior corrosion resistance, eliminates the need for anode rods, protects against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks - Limited LifeTime Warranty (with online registration).