Sunday, August 17, 2014

FlexPlate Flexible Heat Transfer Plates By Watts Radiant

Are you ready for a revolutionary new type of under floor heating plate? How about one made from a specially processed natural graphite, lighter and 50% more thermally conductive than extruded aluminum plates? Well, your day has come! FlexPlate™ has arrived to revolutionize radiant floor heating.

Graphite has been used for years in the electronics industry to dissipate heat away from key components in plasma TVs, cell phones, and computers. FlexPlate takes advantage of this technology to benefit radiant heating systems. Instead of dissipating heat, heat is transferred to your floors, thereby efficiently and evenly heating them from the moment the system starts up.

FlexPlate increases floor heat output by about 15% compared to extruded aluminum plates, or about 75% compared to bare PEX stapled up. This allows the opportunity to lower the required water temperatures by 5-10° F versus extruded aluminum plates and 30-45° F versus bare PEX stapled up. High efficiency, low temperature heat sources, such as condensing boilers, geothermal, or solar, can now be better utilized by the radiant heating system.

The manufacturing process for a graphite plate has a substantially lower carbon footprint and lower CO2 emissions as compared to aluminum. It is also much lighter to ship, lowering the amount of fossil fuels burned just getting it to the jobsite.

Homeowner Benefits

  1. Lower required fluid temperature means the ability to use more efficient heat sources. 
  2. A more even, comfortable heat. 
  3. No potential "ticking" noise associated with typical stamped aluminum plates. 

Installer Benefits 

  1. Light weight and flexible 
  2. Trim-to-fit format 
  3. Cut with a utility knife 
  4. Fast, simple installation 
  5. No sharp edges
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