Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sweat On Water Hammer Arrestors

Precision Plumbing Products is again the first to offer a complete series, 1/2” through 2” SWEAT ON, water hammer arrestor. All arrestors meet and/or exceed performance requirements as set forth by the ASSE standard 1010.

The sweat on arrestors will provide a maintenance free installation that is fully guaranteed by our warranty when installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


  • Listed by recognized national standards 
  • Least expensive to install 
  • Designed to solder in standard copper elbows and tees 
  • Suitable for all potable water applications 
  • Requires no maintenance 
  • Sized in accordance with Service Pipe Dimensions 
  • Maintenance Free - The piston is the only moving part

Part Numbers: SWA-500A, SWA-750B, SWA-1000C, SWA-1250D, SWA-1500E, SWA-2000F

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