Monday, November 24, 2014

Join The Future With Watts TRITON Pipe Fusion

The revolutionary TRITON system is the first application of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology, a trusted method of welding used in industrial applications, for plastic piping.

This new welding technique has many advantages over conventional pipe joining processes:
  • TRITON enables pipe joining and pressure testing in minutes (instead of hours) 
  • TRITON welds can be completed by one person, reducing required manpower 
  • TRITON creates a safer work environment—no exposed heating elements, no adhesives with VOCs, no exposed flame 
  • TRITON outside diameter welds offer unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop, reducing overall system cost 
  • TRITON is ready to use in minutes—no waiting for exposed heating elements to heat up 
  • TRITON uses less energy than conventional pipe joining technology

The TRITON Pipe Fusion system includes three components: a Control Unit, Fusers, and Fittings. (Both Fusers and Fittings are sold separately). The TRITON components are designed to work together to create lasting hermetic welds in minutes without the use of adhesives, open flame, or heating elements.

The TRITON Series TRCU-M1 Control Unit is designed to operate on a standard 110/120 VAC circuit. The Control Unit converts the AC power to DC power, and then generates a radio frequency (RF) signal. The RF signal is transferred to the Series TRFWP1 Fuser to complete the welding process.

The self-contained and self-calibrating Control Unit comes with a 10’ long GFCI-protected power cord and a 20’ long coaxial Fuser cable. The power draw for each weld is less than 100 watts. (Only Watts supplied cords should be used with the TRITON Control Unit).

The TRITON Series TRFWP1 Fusers are designed to concentrate a radio frequency (RF) signal and direct it onto a TRITON Fitting. This in turn generates heat which fuses the Fitting and pipe together.

The TRITON TRFWP1 Fusers are currently available in five sizes (to standard ASTM D3035)

TRITON Fittings are uniquely engineered: 
  • Unique design increases strength & rigidity 
  • Lightweight form factor 
  • Full range of sizes and configurations

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