Monday, April 13, 2015

Modine's Geothermal Water-To-Air Series

Modine's geothermal water-to-air series is a high-efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. It is available in vertical and horizontal configurations to meet any space requirements. Water-to-air units are available in 1 to 6 tons and Split Condensing/Air-Handling units are available in 2 to 6 tons.

Engineered exclusively with the environmentally-friendly R410A, the units integrate the most advanced user-friendly controls available on the market today.

Standard Features
  • Orb Controller for fully-integrated intelligence system 
  • PSC blower motor for single-speed applications 
  • MERV 13 2" air filter giving you high performance all season 
  • Scroll compressors providing years of efficient, quiet and reliable performance 
  • Fully insulated steel cabinet construction 
  • Oversized heat exchangers producing increased efficiencies and greater cost savings 
  • Analog temperature sensors to assist the Orb controls for optimal unit operation 
  • 10-year limited warranty for peace of mind

Optional Features
  • Dual speed compressor for greater energy savings 
  • Desuperheater to provide supplemental domestic hot water 
  • Cupronickel heat exchanger for harsh water applications 
  • EC Motor resulting in consistent, gentle air circulation 
  • Electric heater for auxiliary back-up heat

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