Monday, May 11, 2015

SpeediDuct Line Set Accessories By Little Giant

Correctly installing an air conditioner requires the use of dedicated accessories. When the customer invests in an air conditioner, he relies on the professional knowledge and experience of the installer. He trusts that the equipment will provide lifelong enjoyment while integrating into the residential or commercial environment with little visual intrusion. A professional air conditioner installation is one that is nearly "invisible". SpeediDuct™, by Little Giant, and its fittings are the solution to cover, protect, and aesthetically hide the line sets, whether outdoors or in, with a wide selection of connections that cover what is needed in any installation configuration.

SpeediDuct by Little Giant saves time & money!
  • Outstanding UV resistance: protects the line sets and drain hoses against degradation
  • SpinFix™: time saver; contains the line sets and drain hose during installation
  • Paintable: practically blend the duct with the wall
  • Flush-fit features: the outer design of the bottom section of SpeediDuct is flat. This allows better in-corner positioning and avoids any gaps for dust, dirt, and insects to nest
  • Stainless steel screws: fittings are tightly assembled for a rigid installation with no corrosion stains
  • Large size: the largest SpeediDuct is over 5.5" wide with ample space for multi-split installations, the largest of its kind available
  • Flat rosette: connecting an evaporator to SpeediDuct is the easiest and most aesthetic solution available; next to the soffit inlet fitting, the unique flat rosette enables the duct to be mounted flush with the wall while covering the hole for the line sets to pass through the ceiling
  • Adjustable flat bend: uneven wall surfaces or specific installation situations may require SpeediDuct to be connected in various angles other than 45° or 90°; the adjustable flat bend is the flexible solution to this problem 

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