Monday, August 3, 2015

Premium Reflective Bubble Insulation That Can Be Used Virtually Anywhere!

Space Age insulation, by Insulation Solutions, is rolled, easy-to-use insulation designed to create a more comfortable living/working space and help cut down on energy costs. Adding a radiant barrier to existing insulation can boost the overall R-value of the building by preventing radiant heat gain. Conversely, in the winter, radiant barriers assist with keeping the space warm by reducing heat loss. Unlike mass insulation, Space Age contains no itchy fibers and cuts easily with a knife or scissors. Available in double bubble and single bubble configurations, Space Age is manufactured in convenient sizes so waste is minimized and installation is simplified.

Common applications include attics, walls, HVAC ducts, water heaters, pole barns, metal buildings, marine/RV, radiant heating and crawl spaces. Depending on your given application(s), Space Age is available with single-sided or double-sided reflectivity.

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