Monday, November 2, 2015

Training For The Engineering Community

We're excited to announce our annual Engineering summit will take place at Taco, Inc. this year. We're offering a three day event that covers a wide variety of topics. We're also offering an ASHRAE sponsored training event that qualifies for 35 PDH's and 3.5 CEU's. Below are details of each event. Be sure to register early as spaces are limited.

2015 Engineering Summit

Date: 12/01/15 - 12/03/15
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Taco, Inc.

Download The Flyer>>>

You are invited to our 4th annual Engineering Summit at Taco in Cranston, RI. Our Engineering Summit features dozens of classes over a 3-day period. This year we are offering courses on:

  • Advanced Hydronics 
  • Pump Selection 
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation 
  • Heat Pumps 
  • Humidification 
  • Designing Cooling Towers 
  • Chilled Beams 
  • Building Controls And much, much more!

You will earn certification for each class completed! Learn more and register for our 2015 Engineering Summit on our website

2015 ASHRAE Continuing Education: Fundementals of Water System Design

Date: 11/30/15 - 12/03/15
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Taco, Inc.

Download The Flyer>>>

You will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of hydronic system operation and design including piping systems, pipe materials an fittings, centrifugal pumps, terminal units, expansion tanks and water chillers. After completeting this course, you should know:

  • Closed And Open Hydronic Systems 
  • Piping Design 
  • Different Types Of Pipe Used In Systems 
  • How Centrifugal Pumps Operate 
  • How To Match Pumps With Systems 
  • Designing Cooling Towers 
  • Terminal Unit Control 
  • Optimize Water Chiller Operation 

This class qualifies for 3.5 CEU's and 35 PDH's! Learn more and register for the Fundementals of Water System Design on our website