Monday, December 14, 2015

Twin City Hose Fire SafeFlex V and U Connectors

Twin City Hose Fire SafeFlex V and U connectors provide solutions to safeguard fire suppression sprinkler systems against any unpredictable seismic, thermal, or random piping system motions.

Fire SafeFlex connectors are constructed to maintain their flexibility under pressure without compromising strength or movement capabilities.

Fire SafeFlex V and U Flexible Joint Fittings from Twin City Hose are Listed to applicable UL® Standards and requirements. These products have been tested and determined that they meet UL®’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety.

These UL® Listed assemblies are in accordance with NFPA 13 and UL’s safety standard for fire suppression systems. This UL® standard covers flexible sprinkler hose with fittings intended for direct connection to fire sprinklers in installations requiring a flexible attachment to sprinkler system piping.

  • 100% Tested
  • Domestically fabricated
  • All documents and certifications
  • These products are Listed to applicable UL® Standards and requirements
  • Alloys covered include, stainless steel hose and braid with components/end fittings in stainless steel, and carbon steel

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