Monday, February 22, 2016

Barrier Free Drains

Installing a shower drain without a curb, barrier, or threshold creates a seamless look with easy accessibility to the wet area. To achieve an ideal installation, floor heights should be equal between the shower area (wet area), outside the shower (dry area), and next room. Specific conditions will determine what is involved.

The FF and FT offer the lowest overall heights with the use of liquid applied or fabric sheet waterproofing membranes. In addition, we offer a product (ST 65) to allow the linear channel channel to recess into the subfloor. When there is no wall or glass enclosure the dry side of the shower should have a slight pitch towards the linear system to ensure proper drainage.

When traditional membranes such as PVC Liners, Rubber Liners, Hot Mops, Copper Pans, Lead Pans, or Fiberglass need to used our Site Sizable or FX models can be used. With these types of installations it is advised that the subfloor be recessed below the dry area of the bathroom, or the membrane should be installed into the dry area and sloped to the central clamp down drain body.

Infinity Drain recommends working with a licensed professional who is familiar with local codes and installation requirements.

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