Monday, July 18, 2016

Aquatherm Pipe Heat Fusion

Simply put, heat fusion combines two parts into one.
When heated, Aquatherm's PP-R thermoplastic material changes to a "melt" state where two pieces can be easily joined together. As the PP-R molecules cool, they bind with each other and turn into one piece, the way they would during extrusion or molding. The fused material has the same strength as the pipe wall, so there is no path for leaks or blowouts.

The heat fusion process takes JUST A FEW SECONDS TO MAKE A CONNECTION in smaller diameters and only minutes for larger sizes.

Heat fusion requires a direct-contact heat source for fast, consistent results. There are many different styles of contact heat fusion, including socket fusion, outlet fusion, and butt welding. The heat for fusion can also come from an embedded electrical coil, like the kind used for electrofusion.

However it's done, good heat fusion connections will outlast the piping system, reduce maintenance costs, conserve water, and prevent damage to surrounding building parts. There is no better way to join pipes and fittings together.

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