Monday, August 1, 2016

Ultra-Thin Fan Coils by HTP

HTP Ultra-Thin Fan Coils are based on the forced-convection heat transfer technology which makes the heat dissipation more efficient. Compared with the traditional heating radiators, the units can save more than 30% energy consumption. The advanced control makes uniform temperature distribution and people feel more comfortable. The ultra-thin design, elegant appearance and a super quiet output will help ensure that you have a beautiful and a comfortable living space.

Looking for a sleek industrial Hydronic Fan Coil? The Metal Face design is for you. For a more high-end finish, Glass Face models featuring touchscreen controls are the perfect fit!

Save Money
HTP's Ultra-Thin Fan Coils cooperate with highly efficient HTP water heaters to provide cost effective heating for businesses and homes.

Its three-way motorized valves greatly reduce energy consumption while its easy to clean carbon filters help eliminate contaminants and impurities to ensure fresh air flow. Brushless fan motors are low in noise and yet high speed in operation.

Achieve unbeatable performance at a great value by combining the Fan Coil with the UFT Boiler and the SuperStor Pro! The highly efficient UFT with up to a 95.6% AFUE and 10 to 1 turndown ratio, combined with the indirect’s ability to generate 50% more hot water than traditional waterheaters can help you save money. Cut installation times by 50-75% by using a Quick Zone Manifold System.

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