Monday, February 6, 2017

Powers VisuGuard® Shower Valve Now With T/P Technology

Powers has upgraded its temperature display bath and shower valve to T/P technology. VisuGuard® T/P now protects against incoming temperature changes as well as pressure fluctuations and is listed to ASSE 1016’s most stringent performance standard, Type T/P. VisuGuard® T/P is ideal for healthcare facilities where visual monitoring of bather water temperature is critical.

  • Precise temperature readout within 1/10th of a degree
  • Affordably priced, comparable to common pressure balance valves 
  • Provides true protection against pressure and temperature changes 
  • Eliminates time and cost for seasonal limit stop adjustments 
  • Controls mixed outlet temperature within 10°F of hot water supply temperature for applications where low hot water temperatures exist 
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on internal tempering mechanism 
  • Won’t stick or seize due to harsh water conditions 
  • Back-to-back installation without costly cross-over piping 
  • Self-contained cartridge installs in minutes to simplify repairs 
  • ASSE 1016 Type T/P and cUPC listed 
  • Tested to ASSE 1016 Type T/P and CSA B125.1 standards

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