Monday, March 20, 2017

Bring Compact To A New Level With The Lifebreath METRO Series

The new Lifebreath METRO Series offers superior performance and functionality in a small, compact size. The Series consists of 2 HRV’s and an ERV. It is ideally suited for high-rise condos, apartments and townhomes, fitting in bulkheads and drop down ceilings. Their small size makes for an easy installation in tight spaces.

The new Metro 120 ERV/HRV provides factory-set balancing suitable in most typical installation settings! A balance of +/-10% between supply and exhaust air flows is easily and automatically maintained for static pressures that differ by 0.2wc or less between an external static range of 0.3wc to 0.8wc.

The METRO Series has been designed with a removable motor and electronic panel for easy maintenance and repairs, plus a swing open ebox cover for quick access to circuit board and dip switches. Also available are optional white metal ceiling access panels in 3 sizes for easy servicing.

Our METRO HRVs (METRO 120F & METRO 120D) feature the patented aluminum HEX core, which carries a lifetime warranty, recirculating damper or fan defrost versions available, and offers multi-direction drain connections.

The METRO 120ERV offers a highly efficient fresh air ventilation solution that helps manage excess moisture and maximizes energy recovery during both heating and cooling seasons. The METRO 120 ERV also does not require a drain connection.

The METRO series is a complete line up to support any job and can be paired with many of our Lifebreath controls, wireless timer options and hoods, including our newly certified dual hood.

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