Monday, May 8, 2017

Rubber Expansion Joints Are Like Tires

They need to be inspected regularly! Just like tires, they need to be replaced based on use and wear. Have you inspected your rubber expansion joints lately?

The Fluid Sealing Association recommends replacing non-fatigued joints every 5-10 years based on the application. Note, that if the expansion joint is fatigued, they will need to be replaced even more frequently than that. Below is a list of fatigue signs that indicate the expansion joint should be REPLACED IMMEDIATELY!
  • Major blisters, deformations, and/or ply separations
  • Cracking where the fabric is exposed and torn
  • The metal reinforcement is visible through the cover
  • The joint feels soft or gummy from rubber deterioration
  • Leakage or weeping is occurring from any surface of the expansion joint

Make sure your system is safe and running at peak performance. Whether you are replacing an old EJ or installing a new one, install Twin City Hose rubber expansion joints with confidence! Applications include, but are not limited to commercial HVAC systems, industrial piping systems, power plants, marine systems, sewage treatment plants, and waste water systems.

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