Monday, July 10, 2017

Bacino Above-Counter Washbasin By Duravit

Modern And Individual Washing Areas

With the Bacino above-counter washbasin, Duravit set a trend that continues unabated today. A small but attractive range, Bacino enables both modern and distinctive washing area solutions for private bathrooms, powder rooms and hotels.

Versatile Combinations

Bacino can be combined with various Duravit furniture ranges, as well as with other console materials, such as stone, concrete or glass mosaic. The above-counter basin in the “rectangular” variant with softened corners in combination with furniture console or as attractive double washing area solution.


The WonderGliss coating that is baked into the ceramic doesn‘t give grime a chance: dirt and limescale cannot secure a hold on the smooth surface, so residue runs off more easily with the water. Sanitary ceramics featuring WonderGliss stay smooth and clean for longer and are thus extremely easy to clean. All it takes is a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent.

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