Monday, August 7, 2017

Raychem HWAT Self-Regulating Electric Heat Trace Cable

Raychem HWAT self-regulating electric heat trace cable is designed to provide hot water temperature maintenance for domestic hot water supply pipes in commercial and residential structures. The heat trace cable is installed on the hot water supply pipes (underneath standard pipe insulation) and replaces supply-pipe heat losses at the point where the heat loss occurs, thereby providing continuous, energy-efficient, hot water temperature maintenance and eliminating the need for a recirculation system. Since the heat trace cable utilizes Raychem's self regulating technology, the cable adjusts its power output to compensate for variations in water temperature and ambient temperature. That means it produces more heat if the temperature drops and less heat if the temperature rises.

Combining the HWAT heating cable with the HWAT-ECO controller provides a flexible hot water temperature maintenance system that will both compensate for installation variations and provide adjustable temperature set points to maximize energy efficiency.

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