Monday, September 11, 2017

Flexcon In-Well Tanks

Flexcon's new In-Well tanks are the perfect way to eliminate the presence of well tanks from both indoor and outdoor spaces. Because this new type of tank is installed directly in the well pipe, space, noise, condensation and freezing issues associated with regular well tanks are a thing of the past. Our In-Well tanks are designed to be used with a variable speed pump or regulating valve constant pressure system. Combined with Flexcon quality, reliability and expertise, they're guaranteed to provide your customers years of trouble-free service. And due to their simple design, installation is a piece of cake.


  • Outer Shell: 5-gauge stainless steel/ schedule 40 PVC 
  • Water chambers: Heavy-duty 100% butyl rubber bladder 
  • Testing: High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check 
  • Air valve: Brass valve with O-ring seal 
  • Warranty: Five year

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