Monday, November 28, 2011

Automatic Trap Primer Valve - Precision Plumbing Products

This innovative trap priming system automatically primes up to four floor drain traps using our patented water distributsion system. The PRIME-RITE requires no adjustment but must be installed on a cold water line of 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter or less. The priming valve is automatically activated when it senses a pressure drop of 5 to 10 P.S.I.G. (35 to 70 kpa). The valve's operating range is 35 to 75 P.S.I.G. (245 to 535 kpa). All PR-500 Valves include integral vacuum breaker parts.

The PR-500 Prime-rite trap primer is an easy to use and install product. It has a ½” inch inlet and outlet to connect to most normal lines and can be installed on cold water lines 1-1/2” diameters or less. The PR-500 also adjusts to line pressure to keep you from worrying about the trap primer when it’s in use.

PPP PR-500 Prime-rite Primer Automatic Trap Primer Valve Features:

• 1/2" inlet/outlet
• Installed on cold water lines of 1-1/2" diameter or less.
• Automatically adjusts to line pressure
• One priming valve will prime 1 to 4 floor drain traps, using the water distibution system
• Machined from CDA 360 corrosion resistant brass
• Does not contain springs, diaphrams, or plastic parts

* The priming valve must have a minimum elevation of 12 inches above the finished floor.
• CA/VT compliant