Monday, November 14, 2011

Domestic Hot Water

The Problem:
Waiting for Hot Water

It’s a common problem: turn on the faucet or shower for hot water, then wait for it to arrive. With a Taco Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System in place, there’s no more wait. Instant hot water!

Waiting Means Wasting
Waiting for hot water sends millions of gallons of cooled water down the drain each year. In fact, an average family of 4 wastes up to 14,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water.*
*Source: Dept. of Energy study.

Energy Down The Drain
Of course, all that “waiting water” contains some heat energy (BTU’s). Wasting those BTU’s and starting over with fresh, cold water requires even more heat energy. So in addition to wasting water, millions of BTU’s and energy dollars are wasted, too.

The Solution:
Install a Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System.
The Taco Plumb n’ Plug® Recirculation System is specifically designed for:
  • Instant hot water comfort
  • Water savings
  • Energy savings

How a Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System Works
A standard DHW system requires a dedicated return line from the furthest fixture back to the water heater. The return line is connected to a tee at the tank drain valve or to the tank’s cold water supply line. A Taco Plumb n’ Plug® recirculation pump with an optional Integral Flow Check (IFC) is installed on the return line and controlled by a timer or temperature aquastat. The spring-loaded IFC prevents gravity circulation during off-cycles. The timer turns on the pump at preset intervals, usually during peak use periods. An optional Aquastat operates the pump to keep hot water in the line within a set range (95°F–115°F). All supply and return lines should be insulated for maximum energy savings.

View the DHW catalog here.