Monday, February 11, 2013

Pipe Fusion Technology

What Is TRITON Pipe Fusion?

The revolutionary TRITON system from Watts is the first application of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology, a trusted method of welding used in industrial applications, for plastic piping. This new welding technique has many advantages over conventional pipe joining processes:
  • TRITON enables pipe joining and pressure testing in minutes (instead of hours)
  • TRITON welds can be completed by one person, reducing required manpower
  • TRITON creates a safer work environment—no exposed heating elements, no adhesives with VOCs, no exposed flame
  • TRITON outside diameter welds offer unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop, reducing overall system cost
  • TRITON is ready to use in minutes—no waiting for exposed heating elements to heat up
  • TRITON uses less energy than conventional pipe joining technology
The lightweight and portable TRITON system is designed for applications utilizing flexible plastic piping. Non-potable applications include geothermal, irrigation, mining, process, and natural gas.

How It Works
  1. The Control Unit converts standard 110/120 VAC electrical current to DC electrical current, then generates a radio frequency (RF) signal.
  2. The RF signal is transferred to the jaws of the Fuser and concentrated into a high-frequency electromagnetic field.
  3. The pipe Fittings contain materials that react with the electromagnetic field, creating heat.
  4. The heat fuses the plastic pipe and Fitting together to form a hermetic weld.
  5. As the pipe heats, the Fuse-Tel™ indicator emerges on the Fitting to signal a completed weld.

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