Monday, February 18, 2013

Taco Geo-Sentry Zone Valve

Introducing the all new Taco Geo-Sentry Zone Valve for geothermal applications.

Since the introduction of the zone sentry we have received numerous requests for a valve suitable for geothermal applications. Now we have it! The Geo-Sentry is specifically designed for use in both open or closed loop geothermal systems, and is suitable for almost any highly-oxygenated open hydronic system.

 The Geo-Sentry keeps all of the great features and benefits of the Zone Sentry:
  • Up to 93% less energy usage
  • Universal Installation Orientation
  • Usable on Condensing Chilled Water Installations
  • 12 valves on one 40VA transformer
  • Multi-Function LED
  • Quick Connect Wiring
  • 125 PSI Shut-off
  • Push button actuator replacement
  • Easy wire quick connections
  • Manual override button
  • Positional indicator

Some changes to the valve materials will allow the Geo-Sentry to be used in system fluids with concentrations of methanol or ethanol up to 25%. The Geo-Sentry Valve is available in a multitude of configurations and size combinations. This includes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" in both sweat and NPT connection types, 2-way N/O or N/C valves and 3-way diverting valves. This all adds up to a total of 18 different configuration possibilities.

Click here for the literature.

To learn more about the new Taco Geo-Sentry, visit Taco's website here.