Monday, September 12, 2016

What Is A Heat Recovery Ventilator?

A Heat Recover Ventilator (HRV) is integrated into the duct work in a home, usually located near the furnace. The HRV expels stale indoor air to the outside, and draws in fresh air from outside to be distributed throughout the home.

  1. Warm stale air from your home is drawn into the HRV. 
  2. Heat from the indoor air is transferred via the unit's aluminum core to the fresh air stream. 
  3. Stale air is expelled outside, leaving its warmth behind in the HRV's aluminum core. 
  4. Cool fresh air is drawn into the HRV, and warmed by the heated aluminum core. 
  5. Your entire home is filled with warm, clean, fresh air. 

The air streams pass on either side of Lifebreath’s exclusive and patented aluminum core, never mixing. In the summer, the HRV works in reverse. Warm air is expelled and cool air is delivered throughout the home.

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