Monday, September 19, 2016

Maximize Your Systems Potential With Silent Fin Heating Edge

Condensing boilers, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Collectors are all great ways to save energy and reduce fossil fuel usage. All three achieve their highest efficiency when delivering low temperature water but generally have higher upfront costs than their less efficient counterparts. While each technology has inherent features and benefits, each is also judged on its ability to provide a return on investment. Whether for commercial or residential use, it is imperative that careful attention be paid to the application of the equipment and the distribution system being utilized by these technologies.

The challenge faced when it comes to heating effectively with traditional baseboard is that supply water temperatures need to be at least 140˚F in order to deliver enough BTUH’s to sufficiently heat a space at design temperature. Not so with the Smith's Silent Fin Heating Edge High Capacity Coil Block. Due to its unique embossed fin design, it is able to deliver comparable BTUH’s using 100˚ - 120˚F supply water, all in an attractive package.

Silent Fin Heating Edge, by Smith's Environmental Products, allows these technologies to perform to their optimum efficiency and provide their respective returns on the initial investment. In other words, Heating Edge helps to make that ROI possible.


  • Quiet delivery of heat 
  • Attractive design 
  • Superior low temperature performance 
  • Perfect for use with solar thermal, geothermal or condensing boilers 
  • Single pipe design 
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications

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