Monday, October 3, 2016

SuperStor Ultra Water Heater

Did you know an indirect water heater is one of the most cost effective ways to heat water? It eliminates the tremendous flue losses associated with gas-fired storage water heaters without the hassles and extra costs of tankless gas water heaters. When used with a modern, high-efficiency boiler these energy savings hold true even in the summer when your boiler isn't needed for heat!

The SuperStor Ultra is a high performance indirect water heater that can generate over 50% more hot water than many water heaters of a similar size. It has minimal heat loss, thanks to a 2" thick environmentally safe water blown foam insulation.

Use the SuperStor Ultra in conjunction with a HTP high efficiency boiler to reduce operating costs even more!

Thanks to the finned cupronickel heat exchanger, the SuperStor Ultra provides the highest BTU output per foot than any other heat exchanger in the market!