Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Versa-Flame by HTP

The Versa-Flame gas fired combination unit offers endless hot water and space heating in one extremely efficient unit while fitting into a small footprint, saving on energy, space and cost.

As the second unit to be added to HTP’s Versa-Series, the Versa-Flame incorporates the most revolutionary elements of today’s heating technology with Hydronic mass stabilization. Utilizing high thermal mass the Versa-Flame has the highest first hour output found in the market today, reaching 288 gallons for the first hour delivery.

The unique thermal mass design can only be found in HTP’s innovative Versa-Flame. Stored energy allows the unit to avoid a common issue found in tankless units where domestic hot water flow is interrupted by cold water flow. The Versa-Flame can handle more domestic hot water loads than any other combination platform.

Featuring a unique single loop design with low pressure drop the Versa-Flame eliminates the need for primary secondary circulation for space heating applications, which makes this unit inexpensive and easy to install, saving both the contractor and the homeowner.

Incorporating two heat exchangers for domestic hot water and space heating, the Versa-Flame is a fully modulating unit with an internal PI controller monitoring system conditions to meet demands while operating at a five to one turndown rating. With negative regulation technology the unit induces just the right amount of gas through the valve to mix with fresh air intake, being sure not to use more energy than necessary.

With unique high efficiency space heating attributes, HTP’s proprietary heat exchanger is surrounded by 55 gallons of thermal mass held inside of a stainless steel tank. Thermal mass allows the unit to operate at high efficiencies by reducing unnecessary cycling while avoiding “flashing” which is a common concern found in tankless units. This advancement in technology allows the unit to handle smaller heating loads by reducing short cycling and energy waste.

When a demand for domestic hot water is initialized, heat is pulled from inside of the tank and fed through a brazed plate heat exchanger located at the top of the unit. At 4.8 gallons per minute at a 77 degree temperature rise, the Versa-Flame out performs any competitive combination unit with the ability to simultaneously handle multiple calls for domestic hot water at one time with optimal comfort and efficiency.

The Versa-Flame is offered in three different model sizes offering a great range of availability suitable for residential and smaller commercial needs with the ability to daisy chain up to eight units. After 35 years in the heating industry HTP continues to test the limits of the heating industry by constantly re-inventing the field with high efficient products that offer cost and energy savings.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Non-Vacuum Vents For Steam Systems

Quick, uniform distribution of heat to all radiation is the first essential to perfect performance. This requires balancing the radiation by controlled venting. Vent-Rite #1 Non-Vacuum vents are adjustable and all vents are designed for positive action and straightline venting. They function automatically to vent the air. If, through an unusual condition, the vent is filled with water, the vent port automatically closes. Vent-Rite has been supplying high quality steam and hot water air valves to home owners, public buildings, institutions and industry for over fifty years and continues to enjoy a reputation for reliability and excellence.

All Vent-Rite valves are made in the USA.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raychem Pipe Freezing Protection

Industrial pipe freeze protection systems are intended to prevent the freezing of fluids in pipes. Raychem electrical pipe freeze protection systems are designed for a variety of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous, non-hazardous, and steam cleanable.

A complete electrical heat-tracing system is much more than just the heating cable. Raychem can provide a complete system from electrical transformer and heat-trace panel to power connection, heating cable, end termination, glass tape and warning labels. We can supply the individual components, provide engineering and design and even install and maintain the entire system.

Electric heating cables are used to maintain temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through thermal insulation on pipes, vessels and associated equipment.

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