Monday, July 25, 2016

Watts Residential Fire Protection

Watts Residential Fire Protection Products are easy to install, flexible in design, UL 1821 listed, and meet National Fire Protection Association requirements for fire suppression (NFPA 13D) when designed and installed by professionals who are licensed/certified for residential fire protection.

The Right Choice for Builders
Watts Residential Fire Protection Products bring the Watts technologies you already know and trust into the world of fire protection, providing time and cost savings, a single point of purchase, and confidence in a brand you’ve come to rely on.

The Right Choice for the Community
Many of today’s cash-strapped communities recognize not only the safety benefits of fire sprinklers, but the cost-savings that comes from the conservation of precious emergency-response resources. Cities and states across the U.S. are passing legislation and ordinances requiring mandatory fire sprinklers in new home construction, and often providing contractors with significant incentives to install them.

The Right Choice for Homeowners
Fire Sprinklers can minimize the impact of fire on homeowner property—confining fire damage in many cases. However, the most compelling argument for sprinklers comes at 2am, in the knowledge that a family asleep in their beds is even just a little safer because Watts Residential Fire Protection Products have been installed in their home.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Aquatherm Pipe Heat Fusion

Simply put, heat fusion combines two parts into one.
When heated, Aquatherm's PP-R thermoplastic material changes to a "melt" state where two pieces can be easily joined together. As the PP-R molecules cool, they bind with each other and turn into one piece, the way they would during extrusion or molding. The fused material has the same strength as the pipe wall, so there is no path for leaks or blowouts.

The heat fusion process takes JUST A FEW SECONDS TO MAKE A CONNECTION in smaller diameters and only minutes for larger sizes.

Heat fusion requires a direct-contact heat source for fast, consistent results. There are many different styles of contact heat fusion, including socket fusion, outlet fusion, and butt welding. The heat for fusion can also come from an embedded electrical coil, like the kind used for electrofusion.

However it's done, good heat fusion connections will outlast the piping system, reduce maintenance costs, conserve water, and prevent damage to surrounding building parts. There is no better way to join pipes and fittings together.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Universal Boiler Stand From HTP

The Universal Stand from HTP can be used for boilers including our UFT, EFT Combi, Elite Premier, Elite FT and our water heaters such as the Hydra Smart RT, RTC and RGH models. The Universal Stand can be mounted next to an interior chimney or anywhere in the basement that will allow for easy connections to the system piping and venting to the outside. The Universal Stand comes complete with Wedge Anchors to secure the stand to the floor. The unit comes 100% complete in a one box, with all the pieces needed for easy and quick assembly.

Quicker! Better!
No more will you waste several hours trying to piece together a solution on the job and waiting while your helper runs to the hardware store. The Universal Stand can be fully assembled in approximately 15 minutes. Your helper can quickly mount the unit while you layout the boiler room -- saving time and money.

Part# 7500P-300

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Neutra-Safe System Feeder

The Neutra-Safe NSSF6-2 System Feeder is designed to feed and maintain pressure in closed loop hydronic and thermal solar systems that require up to 50 PSI of cold static pressure for use with water or glycol (up to 50%) solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • UL Listed 10 amp power supply—can be used in any standard 115VAC outlet 
  • Eliminates need for pressure reducing valve and back flow preventer 
  • Allows for system leak detection 
  • Limits the amount of fluid that can be lost in the event a major leak 
  • Fluid level markings molded into tank 
  • Threaded inserts molded into tank bottom for attaching optional mounting brackets

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