Saturday, April 25, 2015

A New Website For Engineers In The Greater Toronto Area

About two year ago, we announced that we were expanding to the Greater Toronto Area and opening an office in Milton, Ontario. This new business venture, known as Emerson Swan Canada, serves the mechanical engineering community with the same quality products and service that has made us successful in the United States for over 80 years.

We're now excited to launch a brand new website exclusively for the engineers in the Greater Toronto Area. will give engineers access to our manufacturers specs, literature, case studies, videos and more. Our new website will help you find the information you're looking for fast! Currently Emerson Swan represents Canariis, Cemline, Flow Design, Franklin Controls, FTF Group Climate, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis, Skidmore, Taco, Twin City Hose and Water Control Corp in the GTA.

So, for our friends up in Canada, be sure to check out We hope it will assist you with all of your commercial project needs. And we're always here to help our customers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (855) 664-6723.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Instant Hot Water With No Additional Plumbing Or Electrical

According to the Department of Energy, the average household wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water. That's energy, money and resources down the drain! We have the domestic hot water recirculation solutions that are right for the job, including our newest, Taco Hot-Link.

Taco Hot-Link is a quick, easy retrofit using the existing plumbing. Mount the valve under the sink and the pump at the water heater. The valve's unique thermal disk technology sends cooled water back to the water heater so hot water lines remain hot.

How the Taco Hot-Link System works.
A quiet and efficient Hot-Link circulator is installed at the water heater and a Hot-Link bypass valve is easily installed at the faucet furthest away from the hot water heater. The thermal disk technology tells the Hot-Link bypass valve what to do. No under sink electricity is needed.

Taco Hot-Link System is easy to install.
The Taco Hot-Link System circulator is installed at the water heater. Simply plug the 6’ power cord into any standard 120V electrical outlet; no electrician required. Everything needed to install and operate the Hot-Link System is included in the box. Simply set the Hot-Link circulator timer to work during peak hours or to work continuously.

Benefits of the Taco Hot-Link System.
Saves energy, water and time while providing instant hot water comfort. What’s more, it’s made by Taco, known by plumbing professionals as a world leader in high quality hydronic components since 1920.

To learn more about Taco products, please visit our website:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Modine's Geothermal Water-To-Air Series

Modine's geothermal water-to-air series is a high-efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. It is available in vertical and horizontal configurations to meet any space requirements. Water-to-air units are available in 1 to 6 tons and Split Condensing/Air-Handling units are available in 2 to 6 tons.

Engineered exclusively with the environmentally-friendly R410A, the units integrate the most advanced user-friendly controls available on the market today.

Standard Features
  • Orb Controller for fully-integrated intelligence system 
  • PSC blower motor for single-speed applications 
  • MERV 13 2" air filter giving you high performance all season 
  • Scroll compressors providing years of efficient, quiet and reliable performance 
  • Fully insulated steel cabinet construction 
  • Oversized heat exchangers producing increased efficiencies and greater cost savings 
  • Analog temperature sensors to assist the Orb controls for optimal unit operation 
  • 10-year limited warranty for peace of mind

Optional Features
  • Dual speed compressor for greater energy savings 
  • Desuperheater to provide supplemental domestic hot water 
  • Cupronickel heat exchanger for harsh water applications 
  • EC Motor resulting in consistent, gentle air circulation 
  • Electric heater for auxiliary back-up heat

Learn more about Modine geothermal on our website:

Monday, April 6, 2015

ADA Showers Surpassing All Requirements

Emerson Swan is excited to announce that we are now the manufacturer's representative for Acryline. Acryline specializes in ADA showers, bases and accessories.

Conventional showers are often ill adapted to the needs of the disabled. With thresholds to step over, and space constraints impeding on the users mobility, these showers prove inadequate and can at times jeopardize the safety of the occupants. Acryline is well aware of the need for functional shower units that can adapt to your custom requirements without sacrificing beauty.

Meeting ADA, ANSI and CSA’s requirements for standards and code compliance, Acryline showers provide comfort and safety to occupants with special needs. Contemporary in style, Acryline showers are available in over 30 different configurations. We have the shower your needs desire.

Learn more about Acryline products on our website: