Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geofinity Zephyrus - Forced Air

The Elemental Zephyrus is a high efficiency, eco friendly forced air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. The system is engineered exclusively with the green, performance enhancing refrigerant R410A and utilizes the most advanced, integrated user friendly controls on the market today. Available in 1.5 through 5.5 ton sizes in both vertical and horizontal configurations, the Zephyrus can meet any and all space requirements for new or retrofit applications.

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Features & Benefits:

Elemental Controls
The system controller is programmed to regulate and monitor the Zephyrus for maximized efficiencies. The controls incorporate an LCD messaging/ notification screen with a simple keypad to promote functionality through ease of use. On board diagnostics and user menus afford easy modification of home comfort levels, provide instant alerts to system faults and further assist in component troubleshooting and servicing.

A high performance refrigerant that can absorb and release heat more efficiently than R22, the former industry standard. R-410A is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not deplete the Earth's ozone layer.

Scroll Compressors
Hermetically sealed scroll compressors provide years of efficient, quiet and reliable performance. The compressors synthetic lubricants mix and circulate efficiently with R-410A keeping the compressor and other moving parts resistant to internal damage while extending their life.

Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
The variable speed ECM fan motor provides an adjustable rate for improved comfort, quiet operation and increased efficiency. The motor increases speed slowly and is able to adjust to a constant flow rate regardless of the external static pressure, resulting in consistent gentle air circulation to reduce hot and cold spots throughout your home.

MERV 13 - 2” Air Filter
High performance, all season, extremely durable filter system that offers superior air filtration and indoor air quality.

Steel Cabinet
The outer steel cabinet is fully insulated, ceramic coated and corrosion resistant providing for system longevity, quiet operation and long lasting beauty.

Oversized Heat Exchangers
Zephyrus systems are designed with oversized air and coaxial heat exchangers that produce increased operating efficiencies and greater cost savings.

Analog Temperature Sensors
Sensors are located at key control points, allowing for real time performance data collection to assist the “smart” controls for optimal unit operation.

10 Year Limited Warranty
When you purchase a Geofinity Zephyrus model, relax and enjoy the comfort. The Zephyrus carries a 10 year limited warranty - flexible warranty buy-down options are also available. Zephyrus Unit Options

Dual Speed Compressor
A two-stage scroll compressor provides the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. When only partial conditioning is required, the compressor operates at a lower capacity to save additional energy while always maintaining a pleasant living environment.

This hot water assist add-on provides supplemental Domestic Hot Water production by preheating your potable water supply for delivery to your hot water tank whenever the unit is running. All Zephyrus models equipped with a Desuperheater option are installed with an internally mounted circulating pump.

Cupronickel Heat Exchanger
Cupronickel is used for those applications where harsh water conditions exist on the source and/or load side.

Permanent Split Capacitor Blower
A PSC blower motor is available for single speed applications (Low, Medium or High).

Electric Heater
This add-on component provides auxiliary backup electric heat.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tunstall Heat Gard Thermostatic Valves

The Heat-Gard 5400 Series Thermostatic valves are self-contained, wireless, automatic, modulating temperature control valves for use in hot water and two pipe steam space heating systems. They sense changes in temperature and automatically increase or decrease the flow of heat to provide optimal comfort and energy savings.

The Heat Gard thermostatic valves keep a heating system comfort balanced by eliminating cold spots and overheating. Its proven design and reliable operation make it the simplest way to prevent energy waste and reduce heating costs. The Heat-Gard valve is made so that the complete cartridge can be replaced under pressure without draining the system, delivering a higher level of uninterrupted comfort control.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Highly Accurate Sensor
  • In-Line Serviceability: Cartridge and Top
  • O-Ring can be Replaced Without Draining
  • the System
  • No Electrical Power or Wires Required
  • Good Flow and Head Capacities
  • Ideal for Radiant Applications
  • Numbered Temperature Index Settings
  • Optional Remote Sensors
  • Attractive Operators
  • Corrosion Resistant Nickel Plated Brass
  • Valve Bodies
  • Freeze Protection Setting
  • Double O-Ring Stem Seals
  • Field Adjustable Min/Max Limits

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watts Radiant Pex+

The cross-linked molecular structure of RadiantPEX+™ offers toughness, flexibility and lasting durability. It is corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free, and withstands temperatures ranging from below freezing to above the boiling point.

RadiantPEX+ combines all of the traditional advantages of plastic PEX tubing, but with an EVOH oxygen barrier. Adding protection against corrosion for the various ferrous components of a heating system.

RadiantPEX+ is manufactured to meet the American Standard Testing Method for cross-linked polyethylene tubing (ASTM F 876-09), and all sizes are made to the Standard Dimension Ratio for plastic pipes, SDR 9.

Keepin' it real… quiet.

Radiant systems that use PEX are known for comfort, but are also notorious for noise. As the system starts warming up, the tubing expands causing it to rub against the floor and fasteners holding it. The friction from this rubbing creates ticking or creaking.

You won't get that with RadiantPEX+. We've added an extra low-friction layer that greatly reduces expansion noise.

Comfort should be felt, not heard.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

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