Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Duravit: SensoWash; The Intelligent Alternative

Do you want comfort but don’t need all the extras that go with it? Do you want good design at an affordable price? Then you need look no further than the SensoWash® D-Code shower toilet. With its elegant form, easy use and attractive price, the SensoWash® D-Code is also the intelligent alternative for private households and the public and hospitality sectors. Designed to match the Duravit’s D-Code range of ceramics created by Sieger Design, SensoWash® also scores points in terms of its functions: for example, the control unit’s logical layout makes it simple and intuitive to use. Attractive, functional and comfortable, SensoWash® D-Code ensures that cleaning with water is as natural as washing one’s hands – and yet it also transforms every visit to the bathroom into a well-being experience, leaving you able to enjoy the rest of the day feeling clean and refreshed.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dielectric Nipples - Precision Plumbing Products

Clearflow® fittings, by Precision Plumbing Products (PPP), protect your plumbing system through an exclusive steel-to-plastic design that establishes an effective dielectric waterway. The Clearflow® line of dielectric fittings separates dissimilar metals in the electrolyte (waterway) eliminating the local galvanic cell.

In addition, Clearflow‘s® metal-to-metal joint design maintains external electrical continuity, thereby preventing stray current corrosion. This feature becomes critical when stray current is present due to intentional or non-intentional grounding of direct current (DC) sources, e.g. phone systems and appliances.

Clearflow® fittings are designed to meet the requirements of ASTM standard F-1545 for continuous use at temperatures up to +225°F (- +5°F) and for pressures up to 300psi, and will achieve a dielectric waterway in all potable water and appropriate HVAC applications. Clearflow® is listed by IAPMO/UPC and SBCCI PST & ESI.

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