Monday, April 25, 2016

Taco 3350 Pressure Reducing Valve

All Parts Are Contained In A One Piece Cartridge!!

Taco's self-compensating Cartridge Style Pressure Reducing Valve, sets a new standard for performance and serviceability. The valve is used to automatically feed water to a hydronic system whenever pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting in the valve. All the parts are contained in a one piece cartridge which can be easily removed and serviced without reducing the system pressure. A fast-fill mode that automatically returns to the normal mode when the set pressure is reached and delivers increased flow to speed system fill times. Its unique dial-in pressure setting allows for easy adjustment throughout the 10-50 PSI range, without the need for an external gauge. Quality features include a stainless steel spindle, integral stainless steel coaxial strainer and easy, dial-up pressure setting that eliminates pressure gauges.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lifebreath's "Core" Difference

Lifebreath’s core set our products apart from the competition. Our core is built upon a foundation formed by our six sides of performance philosophy. On their own, each side offers value to the consumer. But working together, they combine to create a product that’s at the cutting edge of the industry, offering durability, quality, and efficiency to every Lifebreath unit.

Environmental Responsibility
The Lifebreath core is comprised of aluminum plates. Not only are these environmentally friendly, but they’re also non-toxic and do not emit gas like other materials. On its own, the durability and long-life of these cores would be environmentally beneficial, but that environmental stewardship is augmented by the fact that the finished core itself is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle – as is all material used during the manufacturing process.

Maximum Heat Transfer
Our patented counter cross flow design guarantees a maximum displacement of energy throughout the heat recovery core. This allows for the maximum possible heat transfer.

Lifetime Warranty
The high-quality construction of this non-moving part ensures a lifetime of performance and peace of mind, which is backed by our commitment to you.

Ease of Maintenance
An advanced, service-friendly design features easy-access doors and smooth cell rails, which allow for the core to be slid out and washed with minimal effort. It also features reasonable plate separation to ensure that dirt and debris is efficiently removed from between the washable plates.

Maximum Airflow Design
The most efficient core in today’s market features the perfect balance of heat recovery and airflow. This model of efficiency was designed using computer-generated fluid dynamics to determine the optimal pattern of the plate surfaces and spacing.

Durability in All Climates
In addition to being a strong conductor of energy, aluminum is much more durable than conventional materials found in competitive products. You can have complete confidence in the durability and performance of the unit – regardless of the climate in which it’s installed.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Meet The Next Generation Of Electronic Faucets

Meet the next generation of electronic faucets, from Chicago Faucets

We took what we know about building the highest quality commercial faucets in the world and combined it with advanced electronics to build the next generation of electronic faucets. EQ is an easy-to-install, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-maintain electronic faucet for public restrooms.

  • Simple, plug-and-play installation that’s fast and easy 
  • Choice of 3 sleek, modern spout designs in 2 finishes 
  • Streamlined design above and below deck 
  • No programming necessary, self-learning electronics 
  • Superior user detection for reliable operation and water savings

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