Monday, January 26, 2015

Water Disinfection Systems For Businesses

The board of health mandates water disinfection systems for businesses supplying potable well water to public systems greater than 25 people per day. Chemical disinfection using chlorine is generally considered the method of choice because it is reliable and practical. Flexcon's new Mix Master baffle tank is one of the most effective High Mixing Disinfection Systems currently available. Like the water that comes out of it, the choice is clear when it comes to Mix Master.

The Mix Master ensures uniform mixing and sufficient residence time to meet the CT (contact time) standard set by most health agencies in the United States. This remains true even when water is flowing continuously. With a 0.7 baffle factor, as tested by the Water Quality Association test labs, it also takes up less space because one tank does the work of 4 normal tanks.

Materials of Construction

  • Top and bottom domes: Injection molded copolymer polypropylene
  • Shell: Extruded copolymer polypropylene
  • Outer shell: Fiberglass-wound, coated with epoxy resin
  • Base: Injection molded high-impact ABS 
  • Connection: Rigid Schedule 80 PVC
  • Top port fitting: Stainless steel reinforced glass filled polyproylene insert molded into the top dome 
  • Inner baffle: Copolymer polypropylene 
  • Inner standpipe: Schedule 40 PVC with diffuser cap

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Monday, January 19, 2015

HTP Introduces The Phoenix Multi-Fit

HTP is excited to announce a new Phoenix model – Phoenix Mutli-Fit.

This new unit will accommodate even the most difficult installations with lower clearance and multiple inlet and outlet connections, making it easier for replacement jobs.

The Phoenix Multi-Fit is a stainless steel high efficiency gas fired commercial water heater. It has up to a 96% thermal efficiency rating and comes in 199k and 130k BTUs. The Multi-Fit has a faux stainless steel exterior, making it aesthetically pleasing.

For more information on this product, please visit HTP's website

Monday, January 12, 2015

Energy Savings For Fans And Pumps

The P-series by Franklin Controls is a variable frequency drive that is optimized for fans and pumps. It features an automatic energy saving mode that minimizes losses by optimizing flux control. Everyone knows variable frequency drives save you money by varying motor speed to match demand. Our automatic energy savings mode minimizes losses by optimizing the output power for higher efficiency. Under low load conditions, Sleep Mode deactivates the drive and its output – then awakens and reactivates output when demand rises to unlock additional savings. It also extends the life of the equipment

  • Space Vector control for efficiency and long motor life 
  • Advanced PID control (Pre-PID and Dual PID) to maintain a constant control of pressure, flow or water level 
  • Multi-motor control function 
  • Automatic energy savings mode 
  • Flying start protection prevents trips 
  • Pre-heater function protects motor and inverter from damage when installed in damp location

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