Monday, July 27, 2015

3/4" Press Connection Added To The Taco Zone Sentry Line-Up

Taco is pleased to announce the addition of a 3/4" press connection to the Zone Sentry line-up.

A press connection has been the most requested addition to the Zone Sentry line up for some time and it has arrived. This connection style is a rapidly growing choice as a method of installation for many of today's contractors. For those contractors preferring press connections, the press Zone Sentry eliminates the added time, cost and potential leak created when installing press adapters to a threaded valve.

In the case of a sweat valve, installation time is also greatly reduced and it does not require the use of a torch. This can be a challenge in some locations or particular installations such as when a permit is required for use of an open flame.

Model Numbers
Z075P2-1: Normally Closed 3/4" Press Connection
V075P2A1ZB024Q4A1: Normally Open 3/4" Press Connections

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Wall-mounted Toilets Designed By Duravit

Wall-mounted toilets save room in the bath and make the space easier to clean. Perfect for urban dwellers or downsizing baby boomers, a wall-mounted toilet and in-wall tank carrier can save up to two square feet of space in the bathroom.

Duravit’s series of wall-mounted toilets offer the ultimate in design and performance, with the largest selection of styles available on the market today. Each wall-mount is designed to blend harmoniously with Duravit’s washbasin, bathtub and bathroom furniture ranges. The overall effect produced by the interplay of attractive design, stylish materials, light, color and functionality creates a congenial atmosphere. At the same time, though, the central focus is always the user: visual and physical perception stimulates the senses and fosters a feeling of well-being and relaxation – the essence of Duravit’s living bathrooms for living people.

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