Monday, March 21, 2016

Discover The New HTP Crossover

We are excited to announce a new high efficiency hybrid water heater – the Crossover. The Crossover incorporates the best of both worlds in one unit with its tank and tankless components. The result is one appliance that exceeds all of your hot water needs. This new unit provides endless hot water, has a built in recirculation pump, and requires no minimum flow rate.

The Crossover has a 10:1 turndown ratio and is available in both liquid propane and natural gas. It has a 96.5% thermal efficiency rating and is made with the highest quality materials, including an advanced hi-fin 316L heat exchanger designed for superior performance. This wall mounted unit is eco-friendly with a low NOx combustion system and built in leak detectors for gas and water.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Little Giant Battery Back-Up Systems

When the electricity goes out, have peace of mind knowing the homeowner’s investment is protected with the Little Giant Battery Backup System. This efficient pump puts less strain on the battery, and its proven switch technology minimizes mechanical hang-ups. They have a nice basement. Keep it that way.

  • Secondary sump pump 
  • Flood protection 
  • Emergency Dewatering
  • Check valve, elbow connector, pump coupling, and diaphragm switch 
  • Battery box holds size 27, 12 V deep cycle marine battery rated 85 - 140 amp-hours (battery not included) 
  • 12 VDC backup pump 
  • Durable non-corrosive pump housing with stainless steel fasteners 
  • Easily removed bottom suction screen for serviceability and maintenance 
  • Capable of handling 1/8 inch solids in sump applications

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Connect With Confidence Using Brasscraft's Sure2Connect Stops

BrassCraft Sure2Connect® 1/4-Turn stop redefines water shut-off stops. Featuring a push connect inlet with a unique verification technology, the stop is easy-to-install requiring no special tools, no soldering or gluing for a watertight seal. Simply PUSH the stop onto the water pipe, LOCK the clip into place and the installation is DONE. The unique verification clip will not engage until the pipe is correctly aligned and the stop is pushed on properly. It's the connection you can hear, see and feel when the stop is properly installed.

  • Compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC pipe. 
  • Unique verification clip provides an audible "click" to confirm the connection is secure and leak-free.
  • Advanced engineered polymer. Corrosion resistant to harsh water conditions and most common household cleaning chemicals. 
  • Easy to Install. No special tools required, no measuring or marking of the pipe, no sweating, crimping or gluing mess. 
  • Installation ready. Pre-inserted tube stiffener self-aligns with the tubing to create a durable, watertight seal. 
  • Rotation resistant. Once installed, the stop will not rotate during handle operation. 
  • 100% leak tested to help ensure reliable, leak-free operation. 
  • Ideal for either hot or cold water installations. 
  • Offered in both straight and angle configurations. 
  • 1/2 in. nominal push connect inlet x 3/8 in. O.D. compression outlet. DMA Logo.
  • Smooth, 1/4-turn operation provides on/off flow control with a 90° turn of the handle. 
  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA. 
  • No-lead compliant.

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