Monday, November 28, 2016

Mini-Max Plastic Laundry Box With Arrestors

Precision Plumbing Products has designed a Plastic Laundry Box assembly that makes your application simple and cost effective.

Solenoid operated laundry equipment can create destructive water hammer due to quick closing valves on the fill cycle. Water hammer can damage or even break your hose connections as well as destroy the solenoid valve.

To avoid this common household problem hook your washing machine hose connectors to the quarter turn ball valve in our laundry box assembly with water hammer arrestors and rest easy.

  • Available in Plastic, Metal and Fire Rated Box Options 
  • Simple Installation 
  • Cost Effective

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Taco SmartPlug - Instant Hot Water Control

Taco's new SmartPlug™ will optimize hot water system efficiency and reduce electrical consumption up to 94% while saving 12,000 gallons of water per year.

The device adds intelligence to standard on/off hot water recirculation (HWR) pumps. Rather than plugging the standard HWR into the wall, plug it into the SmartPlug for improved, house/family-specific function.

In the "Smart" mode, the SmartPlug monitors and records weekly household hot water use patterns and adjusts HWR cycles accordingly. That way, hot water is provided quickly at all fixtures, only when needed.

The device offers an optional "Pulse" mode. In this setting, the circulator will cycle on and off to maintain hot water at all fixtures. No more waiting, no more wasting energy and water.

Users get even greater efficiency with the SmartPlug system. After 36 hours of inactivity, the device automatically turns off the pump until a need for hot water is detected; in this mode, it also cycles on once every seven days for 10 seconds to prevent corrosion or scale buildup.

SmartPlug can be used with any Taco domestic water 00® circulator with a 110 Volt line cord. No programming is required.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

New Little Giant 6EC/10EC Series Sump/Effluent Pumps

Little Giant® is pleased to announce our enhanced 6EC Series and 10EC Series of sump/effluent pumps. A replacement for our 6EN/10EN platform and still featuring PSC motors, the 6EC and 10EC pumps provide lower current draw, higher energy efficiency, and improved performance.

These new units feature cast iron covers and a polypropylene base that includes the stainless plate. Additional models are now available with a durable cast iron base providing increased intake area, reducing intake velocities and clogging potential.

  • 1/3 hp 6EC Series – Consumes only 5.0 amps while producing 53 gpm at 5 feet of head and reaching a maximum shut-off of 28 feet.Little Giant 10EC Series 
  • 1/2 hp 10EC Series – Touts a full-load rating of only 6.5 amps and produces 67 gpm at 5 feet of head with a maximum shut-off of 36 feet.

All new models of the 6EC Series and 10EC Series include a 2-year warranty and are offered with the reliable Snap-Action Float Switch (SFS) featuring rugged stainless steel switch arms.

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