Monday, August 27, 2012

Announcing The FuelMizer™ By Taco: SR501-OR-4 Switching Relay With Outdoor Reset

The FuelMizer™ (SR501-OR) is a microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature. The FuelMizer is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit; it is ideal for retrofit application, but may also be used in new installations as well.
Features include:
  • Full outdoor boiler reset control
  • Can control system or zone valve circulator
  • Over-ride of outdoor reset when DHW tank is calling
  • Easy to install and set; will not affect boiler's warranty
  • Front mounted LED lights for full diagnostic information
  • Ideal for retrofit applications of just about any hot water boiler

The FuelMizer is easy to install and set. Contractor friendly with logical layouts and intuitive, easily customized controls, the FuelMizer will not affect the boiler's warranty. It includes front-mounted LED lights that provide full diagnostic information.

Typical energy savings are about 14%, though some customers have experienced up to 30% reductions in energy used once the FuelMizer is installed.

Get the brochure here.
Get the instruction sheet here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Training Classes Coming Soon...

Come join us this Fall for Bruce Marshall's training classes held right here at our corporate office in Randolph, MA. This semester we feature half day classes for some of our most popular courses. Check out the courses being offered this Fall and be sure to visit the training page of our website to sign-up.

Basic Electric: This seminar is about basic electricity and low voltage controls. If you are intimidated by electricity or just don’t get it, this is for you. We will explain series and parallel circuitry. Ohm’s Law and the relationship between volts, amps, watts and ohms will be taught. Various electrical components such as transformers, relays, zone valves, and multiple controls will be thoroughly explained. You will learn useful information such as compatibility between Honeywell and Taco controls. Outdoor reset and priority zoning will also be discussed. The attendee will gain an understanding of basic electricity and controls used in the heating industry. This course will be of value from the beginner to the experienced technician.

Approved for 3 NORA CEU’s

Dates: 09/25/12 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $40

Basic Hydronic: This seminar will explain how heat is transferred from water to air. Convection, conduction, and radiant concepts will be covered.  An explanation of the components of a heating system and their relationship to each other will be given. The course covers boilers, pressure reducing valves, relief valves, expansion and compression tanks, air scoops, Vortech air separators, flow checks, integral flow checks, pumps and circulators, zone valves, and Venturi tees. The relationship between BTU, GPH, and Delta T will be thoroughly explained and some “rules of thumb” explained. The concept of “pumping away” and why it should be utilized will be explained in depth. Near boiler piping including by-pass location will be studied. Proper piping techniques will also be covered; series loop systems, 2 pipe direct return, 2 pipe reverse return, mono-flo, and primary / secondary piping.

Approved for 4 NORA CEU’s

Dates: 09/27/12 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $40

FloPro Designer: In this all day session, you will learn the ins and outs of the Taco FloPro Hydronic System Designer software. FloPro Designer automatically calculates system heat loss/heat gain and assists in the design of any type of residential hydronic system (heating, cooling, baseboard, radiant, fan coil, etc.) more easily, faster and with fewer errors.

The software also does system design for baseboard loops and radiant manifolds. It sizes pipe and selects the properly sized boilers, valves, expansion tanks, circulators and much more! Then it assembles a complete Taco parts list for the system you just designed, all automatically on your computer.

For this session you will need a PC laptop (does not work on Apple), a mouse (touch pads are difficult to work with) a mouse pad and have the software pre-loaded. Taco’s new, free FloPro Hydronic System Design Software is now available exclusively to Taco FloPro Team members. To sign-up to become a Taco FloPro member and to download this software, visit today. Class size is limited to 12 per session.

Dates: 10/09/12, 10/23/12 and 11/13/12 from 9:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: $80

Diligent Design: This seminar will explore ways to maximize the ROI on heating systems by utilizing new concepts in heating such as hybrid heaters, heat pumps, low temperature emitters, and condensing technology. Energy savings can come from a variety of sources besides fuel efficiency. The key to maximizing energy efficiency is component use and application. We will take a look at various heating system components and examine how they can work with or against each other affecting overall system performance.

Dates: 10/11/12 and 11/15/12 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $40

Test Equipment: This is a half day seminar covering a wide variety of testing equipment used by the oil, plumbing, and HVAC industries. We will show both digital and analog multi-meters used to test for voltage, amperage, and resistance. Proper placement for the test leads and when to use each will be covered.

The use of a vacuum gauge to diagnose oil burner problems is covered and the effects of high vacuum on the oil will be graphically illustrated with actual pictures of pumps with clear covers showing the inner workings. The use and function of pressure gauges for both oil and gas burners is covered.

Combustion testing of heating equipment will be discussed in length and each component of the test will be explained. Each component of combustion testing, draft, temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and smoke will be thoroughly explained along with how to interpret the results. The causes and effects of carbon monoxide poisoning will be discussed and the proper methods of prevention will be covered.

This seminar should be of great value to anyone in the HVAC business who deals with fuel burning equipment.

Dates: 10/25/12 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $40



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Elite FT Sizes

HTP has introduced four new models available for its popular Elite FT series. The HTP Elite FT is now available up to 399,000 Btu's.

All seven sizes feature:
  • Stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger
  • LCD display
  • Removable cover
  • Condenstate system
  • 5 to 1 turndown ratio
  • Low NOx
  • Venting options
  • Energy Star rated

The Elite FT heating boiler from HTP features an exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger with superior heat transfer and less exposure to corrosion and scale buildup. Built with serviceability in mind; the sleek, robust design requires little to no maintenance and is offered as a space saving wall mount unit. Featuring a fully modulating combustion system and extreme efficiencies up to 97%, the HTP Elite FT boiler is the best option for today's green market.

For the updated literature brochure click here.