Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HTP Contractor Rewards

You buy their products for the quality and reliability, why not get rewarded too? HTP has announced a new program exclusively for contractors. The idea is simple, buy select HTP products and get points. Points can be claimed for cash prizes, cool stuff or even HTP products themselves. The more you buy, the more points you will accumulate. You can cash in your points anytime. The holiday season will be here before you know it. HTP rewards can get you or your loved ones gifts like the new iPad, digital cameras or even a vacation. Need some more perks? No problem! When you sign up for the contractor rewards program you also get priority access to HTP technical support. Not only that, you will receive exclusive offers from HTP that nobody else will receive.

But you can't get any of these great perks unless you sign up for the program. So how do you get access to this VIP program?

Learn more about the program here.


Sign up for the program here.

If you have further questions on the program feel free to email

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Helpful Hints On Our Website

The new and improved is loaded with information. From literature pieces to get you acquainted with our products to installation guides on how to put them in, we have an expansive resource at your disposal. But what is the easiest way to navigate through our website? Try our Quick Links Toolbar at the top of every page. With the Quick Links Toolbar you get direct, one click access to the most requested content on our website.

When you log on to you will find a bar across the top of every page on our site title "Click Here For Our Quick Links Toolbar".

When you click on the text it expands to display the available quick links. You can select from the drop down menus and jump right to the manufacturer's page you are looking for. You can get specs sheets, submittals or literature catalogs by manufacturer with just one click. You can also go right to our training & education section or let us know if you're a contractor, wholesaler, engineer, designer or architect and we'll get you to the appropriate section of our website that best serves you!

The Quick Links Toolbar is the fastest way to get exactly what you are looking for. No searching around. The next time you're on be sure to try the Quick links Toolbar and make your search easier.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Metpar Partitions

Metpar Corporation is a manufacturer of restroom partitions focused on quality, design and technology. Metpar constructs custom toilet partitions, shower enclosures, and urinal screens of all shapes and sizes. They offer restroom partitions in all five material types: Powder Shield (Baked Enamel), Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Phenolic, and Polly to meet your specific design and budget needs.

Powder Shield
Powder coated steel is popular for its economy and durability.  The galvanneal steel provides strong adhesion for a durable smooth powder painted finish.  This surface is three times more resistant to humidity and salt spray than solvent based painted finishes.  It's easier to clean, and is available in many colors.  System features emergency outside access to stall.

Construction features 1" thick doors and panels, 1-1/4" pilasters, constructed of two sheets of galvanneal steel, formed and cemented under pressure to a honeycomb core.  All edges are finished with 20-gauge interlocking steel moldings.  Corners are welded and finished with pre-formed stainless steel reinforcements.  Doors feature steel reinforcements to secure hardware items, with "in-use" indicator latch.  Rust inhibitive coated material is painted with multiple coats of epoxy-hybrid powder, applied electrostatically and baked until cured.  Standard wall fittings are chrome-plated die-cast zamac. See colors here

Our Solid Plastic material provides an excellent choice for high traffic and vandalism-prone washrooms. All doors, panels, and pilasters are constructed of 1" solid plastic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material features homogeneous color and material compound throughout. Our Solid Plastic is scratch, dent, and graffiti resistant, and will never rust. We offer 25 popular colors, with a choice of either heavy gauge stainless steel shoes and full-length aluminum brackets, or matching plastic shoes and matching full-length plastic brackets. The plastic shoes and brackets are nonabsorbent and corrosion proof, plus the full-length bracket strengthens the installation. This type of material construction is perfect for schools, stadiums, office buildings, parks, airports, or any high-traffic washroom. Standard material is Class C fire rating, plus Class A & Class B certified fire rating option available. See colors here

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel lends a feeling of luxury and a modern appearance to any washroom environment.  Stainless steel proves to be a wise selection for its ease of cleaning, durability, and resistance to humid conditions.  Optional solid plywood core provides for an extra strong virtually vandal proof installation.

Standard construction features 1" thick doors and panels, (1-1/4" pilasters), constructed of stainless steel, formed and cemented under pressure to a double faced paper constructed honeycomb core.  All edges are finished with a 20-guage stainless steel interlocking molding.  Corners are welded internally and are finished with pre-formed stainless steel reinforcements.  Doors have internal steel reinforcements to secure hardware items, and come equipped with the "in-use" color-coded indicator.  Wall fittings are chrome plated zamac die-castings.  All flat stainless surfaces are provided with a #4 satin finish.  Hardware features emergency outside access to stall. See finishes here

Plastic Laminate
Beautiful appearance with tremendous flexibility.  Plastic laminate requires minimal care, coupled with low initial cost.  The finish is available in many designer colors and wood grain textures to appeal to any decorating taste, and will resist any cosmetic damage.  Hardware features emergency outside access to stall. 

Doors and panels are nominal 1" (7/8"), pilasters 1-1/4", and are constructed of high-pressure decorative laminate over 3-ply core, resin-impregnated, 45-pound density particleboard.  Wall and pilaster-to-panel fittings are chrome-plated zamac die-castings. See colors here

Solid Phenolic is a unique material designed especially for full water contact.  It is ideal for high humidity areas, or where hose-down cleaning methods are used.  The superior strength of phenolic offers many advantages, including overall damage resistance.  Phenolic exceeds the Fire Protection Association's recommendation for smoke production.  The finish is available in many designer colors and wood grain textures to appeal to any decorating taste.  Hardware features emergency outside access to stall. 

Solid Phenolic doors and pilasters are 3/4" thick, panels are 1/2" thick, and come with a class-B fire rating.  All edges are polished and beveled.  Wall and pilaster brackets are 13-guage, type 304 stainless steel.  Requires 1 ear or 2 ear brackets.  All hardware and fittings are stainless steel. See colors here

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Atherion Packaged Ventilation Systems

The Atherion is the ideal solution to bring fresh, tempered outside air into your facility. The Atherion can be customized to meet your outside ventilation air requirements, regardless of your geographic location. And by including our advanced ERV option, your system becomes a high efficiency, 100% dedicated outside air unit, potentially saving thousands in annual energy costs.

         Optional high efficiency heating with Modine's ConservicoreTM Technology
         Cooling capacities of 15, 20, 26, 30 tons
         Meets ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency, green building and indoor air quality
         Higher IAQ with up to 100% outside air ventilation
         The latest in cooling technology with factory-installed microprocessor controls
         Modine's own PF Microchannel Condenser Coils
         Fully modulating tandem digital scroll compressor for maximum efficiency at turndown conditions
         Robust 2" double-wall construction for lasting quality
         Full length hinged access doors for easy access
         MERV16 filters for greater filtration and less energy use
         Modulating hot gas reheat to provide energy savings
         Optional Energy Recovery Ventilator with a 4A Zeolite coated aluminum wheel
         MADE IN THE USA

Get the brochure here.

Check out their savings calculator here!