Monday, July 11, 2016

Universal Boiler Stand From HTP

The Universal Stand from HTP can be used for boilers including our UFT, EFT Combi, Elite Premier, Elite FT and our water heaters such as the Hydra Smart RT, RTC and RGH models. The Universal Stand can be mounted next to an interior chimney or anywhere in the basement that will allow for easy connections to the system piping and venting to the outside. The Universal Stand comes complete with Wedge Anchors to secure the stand to the floor. The unit comes 100% complete in a one box, with all the pieces needed for easy and quick assembly.

Quicker! Better!
No more will you waste several hours trying to piece together a solution on the job and waiting while your helper runs to the hardware store. The Universal Stand can be fully assembled in approximately 15 minutes. Your helper can quickly mount the unit while you layout the boiler room -- saving time and money.

Part# 7500P-300

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