Monday, August 15, 2016

New & Improved Smith's Quick Fit Hose Kit

The Quick Fit Hose Kit from Smith’s is an accessory for the Quite-One kickspace heater that reduces the time and effort required for installation. Whether adapting to finished cabinets or other hard to reach places, the hose kit and fittings provide the installer with flexibility that simplifies the installation and reduces the potential of damage to surrounding surfaces. The Quiet-One kickspace unit installs easier as all tube connections can be made before the installer slides the Quiet-One into its final resting place under the cabinet.

In the unlikely event that the unit needs to be serviced or checked, the installer can now pull the kickspace out into the middle of the floor rather than climb into the cabinet. For the contractor it saves time and money. For the homeowner, it eliminates the removal of cabinets or sawing the cabinet base.

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