Monday, December 19, 2016

Assisted Living Showers

Conventional showers are often ill adapted to the needs of the disabled. With thresholds to step over, and space constraints impeding on the users mobility, these showers prove inadequate and can at times jeopardize the safety of the occupants. Acryline is well aware of the need for functional shower units that can adapt to your custom requirements without sacrificing beauty.

Each one of our commercial showers is manufactured from a single sheet of continuous cast Acrylic resulting in no seams or joints. The acrylic we use is of the finest quality; colorfast, and of sanitary grade, it will keep its’ shine for numerous years and will resist deposits and grime build up. In order to meet your specific needs, Acryline offers a complete line of options and accessories ranging from space saving fold-up seats to grab bars and removable or collapsible thresholds for our barrier free showers.

Meeting ADA, ANSI and CSA’s requirements for standards and code compliance, Acryline showers provide comfort and safety to occupants with special needs. Contemporary in style, Acryline showers are available in over 30 different configurations. We have the shower your needs desire.

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