Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The SuperStor Ultra Indirect.... Taken to the Max!

The SuperStor® Ultra Max is the Indirect water heater you know and love, with upgraded features and benefits that have been taken to the max. Built with a laser welded stainless steel tank and corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger, the Superstor Ultra Max is built to last by resisting. Average commercial water heater lifetime is about 6 years; the SSU Max will outlast any coated steel tank on the market!

With help from its Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, the SSU Max Indirect was built for MAX performance. Some of the benefits include higher heat transfer, improved fist hour rating and less pressure drop than the competition. The SSU Max can also generate 50% more hot water than many water heaters of similar size. When used in conjunction with an HTP high efficiency boiler, operating costs decrease even further. HTP’s SSU Max comes with a surface mounted thermostat for highly accurate temperature control as well. Did we mention it’s also virtually maintenance free?

HTP’s SuperStor® Ultra Max is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It features top connections: T&P Relief Valve and Stainless steel inlet and outlet ports. The SSU Max is available in 5 different gallon capacities.

Available Models


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