Thursday, December 17, 2020

Modine Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater

Unlike other hydronic unit heaters on the market the Modine Lodronic™ low-temperature hot water unit heater was designed and engineered specifically for use with high-efficiency boilers. 

The typical oversized hydronic unit heater overworks the high-efficiency boiler system resulting in poor system performance and lower temperature output. 

By using the Lodronic™ hydronic unit heater with the high-efficiency boiler system, there will be a significant performance improvement when compared to standard hydronic unit heaters.


  • 50% less electric use 
  • 35% higher discharge temperature 
  • 30% smaller footprint 
  • 2.5x quieter operation
  • High efficiency 4-row coil with low water pressure drop
  • Smaller fan and motor for a lower system amp draw
  • Designed for lower entering hot water temperatures
  • High temperature output versus old traditional systems
  • UL certified

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